Management consulting

Various Services

Master Training

Adopted by over 2,000 companies, this is Shikigaku’s one-on-one training for owners of companies and those in managerial roles.
In addition, a consulting service is included with the training. While receiving 12 management training sessions held over a period of 3 months, participants implement the new management practices in their own company and teams. During the training each week, we broadly cover Management Theory/Practical Application and Review of Results from Implementation.

Evaluation System Formulation Service

The Shikigaku evaluation system is, in a word, simple. We establish clear evaluation standards, and in order for practical work to be begin swiftly, there is a clear recognition between superiors and subordinates regarding results, with no futile time spent on going over what each member’s roles are, so that everyone can focus on what matters.

Group Training

Training For Both Managers and General Employees
Within the Shikigaku method, there are lessons relevant to both those in managerial roles as well as general employees, and in this training those lessons are gathered for both types of members to learn.

Shikigaku Permeation Package

This is a lesson package exclusively directed towards managers, in which 6 2-hour sessions in lecture format are conducted. The maximum number of participants is set at 5 members. The principles expressed are almost identical to those in the Shikigaku Master Training package.