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Experience the Management Improvement Methods Already Implemented by Over 2,000 Companies
A 1-Hour Free Session Designed to Help You Begin to Eliminate Your Management Troubles

Sit down with one of our Shikigaku trainers who are management experts, and allow us to speak directly with you about management and the services that we can offer to your company.

Shikigaku’s management consulting entails ‘Implementing While Learning.’
On average, our clients can see results within 3 months with regard to both sales and a decrease in job turnover.

This free 1 hour session is a learning experience in which our Shikigaku trainer inquires in a concrete manner about the problems and troubles that the client is currently facing, and in response outlines the ways in which the management principles of Shikigaku may be effective in bringing forth a resolution.

【Examples of Frequently encountered troubles • issues】

  • Problems with regard to management of subordinates. The company has instituted remote work policies, but management of subordinates in this new environment has proven to be difficult if not impossible. The company is in need of advice on how to manage subordinates.
  • The company is encountering problems with regard to the creation of an effective evaluation system. Advice is sought regarding how to set up an evaluation system for sections within the company whose outcomes cannot be easily quantified.
  • The company has problems with the structure of its own organization. Companies who have pursued a ‘flat’ organizational structure in the past are feeling the limits and restrictions that the pursuit of such a structure inevitably causes in many companies.
  • The company has problems with the training of its top management. Even though the managers and leaders of the company have received training, it has failed to produce results that exceed expectations or even meet them.

Clients may arrange either an in-person visit or an online meeting

Free Trial: In-Person Visit

For clients who wish for an in-person visit and are located within 1.5 hours of our offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka areas, one of our Shikigaku trainers can meet directly at the client’s company.

Free Trial: Online Meeting

For clients whose company is located farther from our offices, or for those who simply do not have time to arrange for an in-person meeting, we offer a free trial meeting online. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to provide an explanation of the process for setting up an online meeting.

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