Group training


Accelerated results through the spread of Shikigaku understanding among employees
Low-priced training over a short period in which many members can participate
Our group training is a service offered to a wide range of people, from company owners who have already completed the Shikigaku Master Training to those in management positions, to general employees.

During training, we focus on themes from the Shikigaku Method that are especially useful to those in middle management positions and general employees.
The sessions are conducted in lecture format, lasting 3 hours in length and with a maximum of 10 participants.

Within all of our Shikigaku training options, this package allows the audience to learn our management theory in an especially short period of time for a relatively lower price.

Along with employees’ own management abilities increasing, it will increase their understanding of Shikigaku’s methods, and will lead to a more favorable reception and enable the company to move forward with its operations in a decisive manner without hesitation.