Evaluation Systems That Work, Evaluation Systems That Don’t Work:
What is the Difference?

When it comes to subordinates’ outcomes and processes, which are placing greater value on in the context of your evaluations. This time, for companies that grow and those that do not grow, we have described the differences in their evaluation system. Is your company using an evaluation system like the one described below?

Within a certain organization, Employee A and Employee B are both producing the same results. While they are producing the same results, Employee A is working later into the evening than anybody else, while Employee B is completing his work at the set work time each day. Regardless of the even degree of results produced, many organizations would tend to give a higher evaluation to Employee A for their great efforts. Such an evaluation system would not only lead to Employee B receiving a lower evaluation, but also to working late in general being connected with a high evaluation. It can be difficult for companies to get the message and realize the mistaken set of values in effect.