Master training


Our 3-month Training Integrated Services Consisting of Management Training and Consulting
Within 3 months, we help you to realize an organization leading to increased sales and decreased employee turnover.
This is a one-on-one management training system directed towards company owners and managers which has already been adopted by over 2,000 companies. Together with the training, a consulting service is also included.

Adopted by over 2,000 companies, this is Shikigaku’s one-on-one training for owners of companies and those in managerial roles.
In addition, a consulting service is included with the training. While receiving 12 management training sessions held over a period of 3 months, participants implement the new management practices in their own company and teams.

During the training each week, we broadly cover Management Theory/Practical Application and Review of Results from Implementation.

In order to achieve an ‘Implementing While Learning’ effect, the training is designed to lead to swift changes leading to organizational improvement. On average, within 3 months, companies applying this training to their own organization see a clear increase in sales and lower employee turnover rate.

Flow of training


Initial Management Diagnosis

We begin with a clear analysis of the client’s thinking habits with regard to their organization. Starting from a Question and Answer session consisting of 20 fundamental items, we measure the conditions inherent in the organization and use this as a base for proceeding with the training.



Training is provided on a one-on-one basis by Shikigaku-certified trainers. Clients receive training on all aspects of management through the Shikigaku logical approach.


Shikigaku Implementation

During the training period, the client implements the management practices based on Shikigaku principles within their own company. Once a week, the client shares the results of this implementation with the instructor, and points for improvement are given.
*2 and 3 above consist of training given at a pace of once per week. The Master Training ends after around 3-4 months.