Evaluation System Formulation Service


We build up an evaluation system that makes employees continuously gain results by their own volition.
The Shikigaku evaluation system is, in a word, simple. We establish clear evaluation standards, and in order for practical work to be begin swiftly, there is a clear recognition between superiors and subordinates regarding results, with no futile time spent on going over what each member’s roles are, so that everyone can focus on what matters.

The evaluation standards that are drawn up include, set goals for each employee, diagrams for measuring achievement of goals, and calculation tables for salary, bonus, and pay based on position.

We have received the generous endorsement of many business owners and leaders who have said that because of the elimination of vagueness that that the evaluation system has brought, they have been able to smoothly overcome past problems such as inability to determine evaluations as well as issues with opposition within the company.

The 3 Main Components

The construction of an organization that continues to produce good results requires 3 main components.
The first is an organization chart. This clearly illustrates who follows whose orders, and whose role it is to do the evaluating.
The second is rules. Who has what role, responsibilities, and authority¬–this must be clearly outlined.
Then, the third is an evaluation system. This outlines the conditions for promotion and remuneration.
For example, even if an organization has clear standards for the first 2 components, the organization chart and rules, it will fail to grown in the long term without a clear evaluation system.
The thinking of a company employee in which only the organizational diagram is considered.
The thinking of a company employee in which only the organizational chart and rules are considered.
Without an evaluation system, in actuality the more that employees follow all the rules, and continue to produce positive outcomes, the more that dissatisfaction will build up and resignations will occur.
Thus, for your company, what is the evaluation system that will lead to increased results, and decreased turnover? Drawing on the experience gained from over 2,000 companies that have adopted the Shikigaku system, our instructors will work together with you on drawing up just such a system.