Management: Completed Case Studies of Over 2,000 Organizations
2021.4.28 WEB開催


A complete explanation will be given in English on the topic of the Shikigaku theory of management that company owners and executives from over 2,000 companies have studied and actually implemented within their own organizations.

The seminar will be composed of 2 main parts, General Principles of Management and Concrete Management Methods and Practices.

The contents that participants learn in this seminar can be used as soon as the following day in your own organizations.
However, one may question any method, perhaps thinking,, ‘Why is this management method necessarily correct?’ or ‘What is the basis for saying that this other method is wrong?’ Such participants may simply not accept the principles that we outline and as such, decide not to use them in their own organizations.

For that reason, within the seminar, we constantly explain both the correct form of management concurrently with its basis and mechanisms.

The management principles learned in this seminar will be useful for participants with regard to betterment of their own subordinates’ conduct and communication.

The Concrete Management Methods and Practices portion of the seminar will consist of a very concrete explanation of the topic, so participants will gain a firm understanding so that they can implement it in their own management in addition to being able to implement among their own subordinates at the management level within their organization.

The following are opinions gathered from participants in past Shikigaku seminars, translated from Japanese.

‘My subordinates began to be proactive in providing me with precise and accurate reports, so it was actually quite surprising to me.’

‘Revenues within the sales department more than doubled.’

‘There was a dramatic decrease in time spent on giving instructions and advice to subordinates.’

Even from the field of knowledge that business owners should know and implement, this seminar contains deeper and more specialized content related to organizational administration and management.

It will be aimed at maximizing results for companies competingas they compete not only in the market, but also for personnel and for capital.

The ultimate goal of the seminar will be for participants to learn and implement its contents, in turn seeing an increase in productivity and a decrease in turnover, within 3 months.

As well, we expect that the experience will increase your interest in Shikigaku as a company and as a management method to implement in your own company.

Benefits of Participation

• Participants will receive a PDF consisting of the slideshow contents used in the seminar.
• Viewing rights to the seminar for up to 1 week from the day following the seminar.

We encourage you to use the above contents for implementation and review within your own organization.

Of the over 2,000 companies that have adopted Shikigaku’s management principles, the vast majority have implemented the principles and realized significant gains in productivity and personnel retention. We invite you to learn about the contents of our method, which include concrete methods and conduct for management. Due to popular demand, the number of people wishing to participate in our seminars often exceed the number of available spots, so for those who have an interest in our contents, we encourage you to register early.

We look forward to hearing from you.


株式会社識学 講師 Shikigaku KK Consultant
吉原 将之
Masayuki Yoshihara
・University of Central Missouri(米国)にてMaster of Teaching English as a Second Language(英語教授法修士)取得後、Southeast Missouri State University(米国)にて英語講師/学術アドバイザーとしてキャリアをスタート。
After receiving his Masters Degree in Teach English as a Second Language at the University of Central Missouri, Mr. Yoshihara began his career as an English lecturer and scholar at Southeast Missouri State University.

・ヒューマンアカデミー株式会社 インバウンド・アウトバウンド留学事業/日本語学校事業 事業部長
After returning to Japan, he worked as a section head at Human Academy KK, in charge of study-abroad programs as well as the company’s Japanese language school business.

・英国国立ウェールズ大学経営大学院MBAプログラム マネージングディレクター
He then received his MBA degree from the University of Wales, after which he served as the section head at the British Council (the cultural department of the British Embassy), specializing in public relations, marketing and sales.


Why did he become a Shikigaku Consultant?

After coming into contact with over 100 managers of various organizations, he became very interested in the different management approaches of Japanese and non-Japanese companies, and began to cultivate a deep interest in the methods for increasing productivity for individuals and organizations.

He felt that Shikigaku’s approach would be necessary to give vitality to Japanese organizations for the coming decades, and thus began his path to becoming a Shikigaku consultant.

The industries that he in charge of and has contact with as part of his consulting are: personnel, system engineering, beauty, entertainment, automotive, creative, education, production, trade, accounting and IT.


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